Women in business 2018

Beyond policy to progress

Are businesses are missing out on the benefits of true diversity – critical at a time when every sector is facing disruption. We call on businesses to go beyond policy to create an inclusive culture that leads to a genuinely diverse senior management team.

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We work with dynamic organisations every day, addressing and understanding the most important issues, gaining a deep understanding and bringing a fresh perspective.

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Corporate Accounting, Payroll and Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing your company’s payroll processing function by GT Bangladesh in Bangladesh frees up resources, including valuable human capital, and allows you to focus on and engage in projects that add value to your business. Our team of experienced and committed payroll specialists will ensure that your employees are paid accurately and in a timely manner in Bangladesh. Most importantly, we ensure that you (as an employer) comply with all the payroll-related statutory requirements and obligations. GT Bangladesh payroll service provider team in Bangladesh had an extensive knowledge in the field of payroll management in Bangladesh. With the skills and years of experience in payroll outsourcing service in Dhaka Bangladesh our team has one step ahead to solve the payroll related issues.

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