Obtaining a strategic advantage

Dynamic organisations need to focus their energies on driving the business forward and outsourcing could help you achieve this.

Transferring certain services to a third party not only allows you to concentrate on your core business, it can also improve efficiency and cut costs. 

At Grant Thornton, outsourcing represents more than US$250 million of our business. Whatever the size of your organisation or wherever you are in the world, we apply both reason and instinct to make sure your business is running as effectively as possible.

When it comes to outsourcing, we don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions. We listen carefully to your business needs and deliver comprehensive, efficient and confidential services.

Key services

    • Bookkeeping & financial accounting
    • Payroll - an end to end solutions with optional employee portal
    • Corporate secretarial services
    • Business process outsourcing
    • Compilation of financial statements
    • Human resources consulting
    • Tax compliance
    • Legal services

Payroll processing services

Grant Thornton Bangladesh provides end-to-end payroll processing services to both local and multinationals. Outsourcing your company’s payroll processing function by Grant Thornton Bangladesh frees up resources, including valuable human capital, and allows you to focus on and engage in projects that add value to your business.

Our team of experienced and committed payroll specialists will ensure that your employees are paid accurately and in a timely manner anywhere in Bangladesh. Most importantly, we ensure that you (as an employer) comply with all the payroll-related statutory requirements and obligations. Grant Thornton Bangladesh payroll services team possesses extensive knowledge in the field of payroll management in Bangladesh. With the skills and years of experience in payroll outsourcing service in Dhaka Bangladesh, our team has one step ahead to solve the payroll-related issues.

Your own payroll processing team in Bangladesh
1. Provide accurate calculations and reports to pay on time.
2. Customized Payroll software for errorless outputs.
3. Customized reporting system according to your requirement.
4. Online Portal Facility for Data Transfer.
5. Secured Data Management System.
6. Extensive knowledge of local Law to be compliant.
7. Compliant on statutory benefits.
8. Reduces Manpower cost up to 80%
9. Leverage our experience to optimize your operations.
10. Smartly grow your business.
11. Regain your focus, Gain agility and flexibility.

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